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The surf in St. Augustine for
Saturday   May   16 ,  2015
Wave Height   1½   -  2ft
Wind Direction   E
Wind Speed   7  -  8 kts
Water Temp   75.2
High Tide 1   7:12 AM
High Tide 2   7:40 PM
Low Tide 1   1:04 AM
Low Tide 2   1:11 PM
Time Of Report   9:15 AM
Comments   Smaller bumpy weak windswell waves this morning. Heading towards a negative low tide this afternoon will not help things through the rest of the morning. Maybe we will see a slight increase this evening as the new moon tide starts to fill in.

Don't forget, St. Augustine's oldest surf report is now online. Blue Sky Surf Shop's surf report, with cams and quicktime clips of the waves.

Marty Simmons Pavones Costa Rica 8/98
by Myles McGuinness
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Real Time Buoy Data
Location(ID) Ob
Swell Ht
Swell Per
Wind Wave Ht
Wind Wave Per
Wind Wave
St. Aug Pier (SAUF1) 7/2/2015 18:0075.273.4SSW 8 - 9.9      
Canaveral West (41009) 7/2/2015 18:207780.6NNW 17.5 - 21.41.3 8.3 E0.7 2.5 SE
Canaveral East (41010) 7/2/2015 18:2084.286SSW 7.8 - 9.73 8.3 SE1.3 4.0SSE
Grays (41008) 7/2/2015 18:5078.878.8SSW 29.2 - 38.91 9.1 SW3.3 4.2SSE
Fernandina (41112) 7/2/2015 18:21NA77WNA - NA0.311.8 E3.3 3.7SSE
Canaveral Shore (41113) 7/2/2015 18:10NA78.8WNA - NA0.311.8 NE2 9.1ESE
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